And thus we made jello.
A lot of jello.

Light Spectrum

The colors we see are the only ones we seem to know
Others have lengths that for us are too high or too low
But they are still there even if they don’t show
They have always been there since a long time ago

Each color is as unique as a snowflake in the snow
Some have a ring to themselves that fit the mood and flow
The best thing is when they are all together in a row
For the radiance they give off never dwindle or slow

But into memory the colors fade as the wind blows
Fragments and pieces that by themselves will grow
There’s always one that you can never let go
And with that color you too begin to glow


For the few of us who are currently taking finals…Just a little more! and Summer will be here soon enough 😀

Today, its raining and thundering over here…and all I can think about is how much I’d like to go swimming right now…

The shimmering stars, set on a wall of blue.
A crescent moon, shining, making a bridge just for me,
as I wander through space – aimlessly, arbitrary, always
along the endless ocean of light and darkness.

I don’t know how I got here,
I don’t know if I want to leave,
but I am content for now surrounded
by the beauty of all that I can reach.

Fading to darkness, everything eventually
Try as I might, the light escapes me darting away,
playing with me
taunting me
Leave me alone!




Enshrouded in my isolation,
the silence enveloping my mind.
No direction, no destination
I hate this. Am I lost?

Or did I go the wrong way?
Perhaps I was too pretentious to believe
that I could hold onto light
and that it would always return to me.

Growing accustomed to the encompassing shadow I wait
as if in stasis. I feel nothing, think nothing, do nothing.
A distant corner of my consciousness awakens me,
and suddenly I am blind.

“Why hello there my friend.
What brings you here today?
Will you come back to me?
I’m glad you remembered me.”

Piercing through the darkness,
A curtain of light falls over the stars
A perfect hiding place for me.
Shall we play hide and seek?

My Intro

yay! poking the blog at school =) So I can’t write poetry, but hopefully pictures can help me express myself, and maybe eventually start my journey on the adventures of photoshop and DSLR 😀